Installing gitolite on a server

After experimenting on, experimenting with my local laptop, it’s time to go live and install gitolite on one of my servers. First I copy my public key to the future git server:

$ scp .ssh/

Next I install gitolite on, with admin privileges.

$ sudo git clone
$ cd gitolite
$ sudo src/gl-system-install
$ sudo adduser git

Next I become the git user, and I set up gitosis with my public key.

$  gl-setup /tmp/

As the user stivlo, on my local laptop, I clone gitolite-admin repository.

$ git clone

Now I create some repositories, by editing gitolite-admin/conf/ I delete the testing repo and add another repository:

repo    stivlo/myproject
        RW+   =  stivlo
$ git commit conf/
$ git push

Note the files of testing repository are still in git repositories folder, and I can delete them from the server with rm -rf testing.git

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